Skin Conditions (Acne, Sun Damage)

Confidence Pharmacy offers clinically proven, effective treatment for acne. Acne is something that people can experience well into adult life – not just as teenagers. It is most commonplace when hormone levels are altering, such as during puberty, menstruation and even pregnancy. These are times when the body produces a greater amount of oil than normal. The result is often blocked pores, causing inflammation.

Medical intervention can help overcome unsightly and uncomfortable acne lesions. Our prescribers can tailor an acne medication programme for each patient’s specific needs, when indicated.

Acne mostly manifests on the face in the form of spots, redness and oily skin but can also show up on the back and, in a smaller percentage of people, on the chest.

How Confidence Pharmacy can help
To request a treatment, simply complete our consultation questionnaire and upload two images of your acne. Using this information, our clinicians will be able to recommend the optimal acne treatment for your situation. Upon approval, medication can be delivered or will be available for collection.


1. Click on the treatment you wish to buy.

2. Select strength of treatment (If required) and 'start Consultation'.

3. Once you have submitted the consultation, we will let you know from the information provided if the treatment is suitable for you.  If the treatment is you will then be able to add the treatment to your shopping cart.