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To slow and sometimes even stop excess hair growth, we offer Vaniqa, a prescription-only cream. Vaniqa disrupts the function of a certain enzyme, preventing growth occurring from the follicles (roots). Some women find that Vaniqa provides an effective long-term solution to unwanted facial hair growth.

Simply request the number of tubes you require and complete our short medical questionnaire. We can assess whether Vaniqa is safe and suitable for you to use. Upon approval, the product can be collected from the pharmacy or we will deliver it to you.


  •  Apply twice daily
  • Suited to women who have thick, coarse facial hair
  • Noticeable results in 8-16 weeks. Long lasting solution

Pack size

  • 1 tube £80.50/tube
  • 2 tubes £74.50/tube
  • 4 tubes £68.00/tube