Epiduo gel is an effective branded topical gel containing both Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide.  This combination works to unblock pores and kill bacteria that cause acne. Whilst you may have to wait up to four weeks to notice a real change in your acne, Epiduo’s effective combination of ingredients are designed to reduce and manage the appearance of acne and help prevent future re-occurrence. 


  • Proven branded acne treatment

  • Contains a combination of Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide

  • Gets rid of bacteria that causes acne

Pack size

  • 45g
  • 1 month supply 

Duac gel is an effective acne-preparation that eradicates spots by reducing whiteheads and blackheads. It also unblocks the pores preventing the build-up of bacteria which encourages the formation of acne. To be applied each evening before bed. 


Differin Cream