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General Health


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Weight Loss


In the UK today, the challenges of losing weight and the prevalence of obesity are extremely common. 

Currently, more than one in five people are said to be obese. Yet, this doesn’t include a further third of the population who are overweight. 


Obesity can put your health at serious risk, increasing the likelihood of arthritis, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and strokes. If you have a BMI level registering above 30, then you are considered as obese.


How We Can Help

There are occasions when drugs are deemed suitable for treating weight loss – and that’s where Confidence Pharmacy can help. Upon completion of a brief medical questionnaire, provided by a GPHC registered prescriber, we can supply the appropriate medication, if indicated.

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Confidence Pharmacy can prescribe a variety of proven prescription treatments to help you lose weight. However, please be advised, that our obesity weight loss solutions are not suitable for anyone who is: 


  • under the age of 18

  • suffering from chronic malabsorption syndrome or cholestasis  

  • pregnant or breast-feeding women. 


Also, if you have a BMI that is below 30, the prescription weight loss medication we prescribe, is unsuitable.



Migraine is a disruptive condition that can last for hours or even days at a time,causing an extreme throbbing headache or a pulsing sensation. It normallyaffects one side of the head and can also lead to nausea, vomiting, as well asextreme sensitivity to light, often requiring sufferers to lie down in a darkened room.

At Confidence Pharmacy, we offer a clinically proven, effective treatment for migraines to both reduce severity and to prevent occurrence. If you suffer with migraines, simply complete our medical questionnaire, so that our GPHC registered UK Prescriber can assess your suitability for treatment.

For those who suffer from migraine symptoms or where there is a family history of migraines, it is likely that you will need a neurological doctor, trained in treating headaches, to carry out an examination, in order to establish an accurate diagnosis.


Skin Conditions (Acne, Sun Damage)

Confidence Pharmacy offers clinically proven, effective treatment for acne.Acne is something that people can experience well into adult life – not just asteenagers. It is most commonplace when hormone levels are altering, such asduring puberty, menstruation and even pregnancy. These are times when the body produces a greater amount of oil than normal. The result is often block pores, causing inflammation.

Medical intervention can help overcome unsightly and uncomfortable acne lesions. Our prescribers can tailor an acne medication programme for each patient’s specific needs, when indicated.

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Acne mostly manifests on the face in the form of spots, redness and oily skin but can also show up on the back and, in a smaller percentage of people, on the chest.

How Confidence Pharmacy can help
To request a treatment, simply complete our consultation questionnaire and upload two images of your acne. Using this information, our clinicians will be able to recommend the optimal acne treatment for your situation. Upon approval, medication can be delivered or will be available for collection.